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Spring and Fall Special Offers - Bemidji Area Resort

Our northern Minnesota location near Bemidji is a great place to visit during the summer months, without a doubt. However, visitors seeking a true seasonal transition experience are permanently affected by the true magnificence of the beauty nature creates.

Spring bursts forth in the north woods with such force that the daily changes are astonishing. Leaves explode in a thousand different shades of green as the snow vanishes and the last of the winter ice sinks quietly beneath the surface of the lake. The waterways and forests come alive with the return of millions of migrating birds and the reemergence of the forest wildlife as they begin the annual cycle of life.

Fall bears witness to the entire transition, in reverse, with the migrations heading south and the forests population preparing for the winter ahead. There exists a certain “hustle and bustle” within the animal kingdom. Even the fish seem to feed more heavily and with more intensity as the leaves reveal an amazing flaming rainbow of color bright enough to mesmerize the viewer. Summers trails of green and brown turn to gold as the aspen leaves fall like rain onto the path.

The intricate spectacle of the changing seasons in northern Minnesota is awe inspiring and unforgettable! Check this page for special offers we’ll post as they come available.

For right now, we have the following suggestions and perks to enhance your vacation:

(Valid May 10-June 14 & Sept 2 - Oct 25, 2019)

Stay 3 Nights Get 1 Night Free
Stay 4 Nights Get 1 Night Free
Excludes Labor Day Weekend

Free Boat/Motor!
Valid May 10-June 14 & Sept 2 - Oct 25, 2019
(Weekly Stays Only)

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